Please do not use your bore water

Groundwater (bore water) in the upper Quaternary aquifers is contaminated and should not be used for any purpose. The depth of the known contamination extends to the Keswick Clay aquifer (5-8 m below ground level) and the Hindmarsh Clay aquifer (12-16 m below ground level). Deeper aquifers used by schools and councils are not affected.

Groundwater containing these chemicals can cause health problems if people come into contact with the contaminated water over a long period of time. The contamination presents a potential risk to human health if groundwater is utilised for drinking, showering, washing, filling swimming pools, watering lawns or irrigating edible produce.

Groundwater from bores in this area should also never be used to wash down paths or driveways, or even as grey water for toilet flushing. Preventing the extraction of contaminated groundwater is necessary to protect human health and prevent the spread of contamination.

If you have been using your bore water for a long period of time, or are unsure how deep your bore is, please contact us:

  • Phone: (08) 8204 2004
  • Email:
  • In person (please phone or email to make arrangements)

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