Who are we accrediting

06 May 2020

The accreditation scheme will apply to organisations and persons who are qualified to issue certificates of competency in relation to persons seeking authorisation to undertake activities regulated under the RPC Act. For a person to be accredited, they must have appropriate skills, qualifications, knowledge or experience to properly carry out the activities authorised by the accreditation. They must also satisfy any other requirements for accreditation prescribed by the regulations.

The Minister may establish various classes of accreditation, and an accreditation may be limited to the matters covered by the accreditation.

Accrediting third-party service providers allows for more effective sharing of expertise between operators to train staff, develop systems and undertake assessments. This will enable a greater degree of assurance that controls are implemented and any new situations or exposure pathways are identified.

Third-party certification will be for persons applying for an authorisation under the RPC Act, excluding those who are registered with the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme.

Such persons would have been adequately assessed to undertake the activities for which they are registered and would have completed an approved program of study through an accredited training provider or passed the Medical Radiation Practice Board’s national exam.

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