First Community Panel meeting held on 30 October 2019

9 months ago

The joint City of Port Adelaide Enfield and Environment Protection Authority’s Victoria Road Air Quality Study Community Panel had their start up meeting on October 30th 2019. This meeting gave the panel a chance to get to know one another and to review the Terms of Reference that will guide their task. The second meeting of the panel took place a week later on the 5 November. During this meeting the panel did a further review of the Terms of Reference before signing off on them.

The next item on the agenda was an information session on Victoria Road from the EPA technical adviser. The session provided the panel members with road traffic data, how air quality may vary along different sections of the road, how far into the residential areas it may go, and how it may be affected by variations in weather conditions.

Panel members were asked by the facilitator to propose air monitoring sites for consideration. The proposed sites will now be entered into a table that will allow the panel to measure the sites against a set of criteria.

During the next meeting, the panel will review the measures with the aim of determining where the air quality monitoring stations will be placed along Victoria Road.

Please phone us on (08) 8204 2176, email or visit to keep up with information on the Victoria Road air quality study.
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