Merry Christmas and community panel meeting summary, 9 December 2019

8 months ago

The joint City of Port Adelaide Enfield and Environment Protection Authority’s Victoria Road Air Quality Study Community Panel held a meeting on the 9th December 2019 to do a final review of the proposed sites for the air quality monitors.

The panel agreed on the placement of monitors along Victoria Road at the intersections of Coghlan Road, in between Veitch/Osborne Roads, Nelson Road, and Gedville Road; and Wills Street and Marmora Terrace for the residential areas.

The EPA technical adviser to the study reported he had been able to get 2 more monitors for the study to bring the total of monitors along Victoria Road to 6 and 2 for residential areas. The 2 additional monitors will not be available until February, so he proposed to start with 4 monitors on Victoria Road and 2 on residential sites; and when the additional 2 are ready, they will be placed on Victoria Road.

The placement of the monitors will need to go through an approval process in consultation with asset owners, which means the monitoring is unlikely to start before the end of January.

The results of assessment of the proposed 14 sites were reviewed by the panel members. This was followed by a meaningful discussion about the number of monitors available for locations on Victoria Road and surrounding residential areas. The outcome of the discussion was for the EPA technical advisor to investigate the availability of an additional two monitors to allow for the placement of six on Victoria Road and two in surrounding residential streets close to Victoria Road.

The facilitator thanked all the panel members for their contributions to the selection of the monitoring sites and passed on thanks to the Elected Members for their support with the study and to Council; and wished everyone a safe and happy Christmas and best wishes for 2020.

The next meeting of the panel is Tuesday 18th February 2020.

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