Monitors installed on 18 March 2020

5 months ago

Following the selection of air quality monitoring sites by the Victoria Road Air Quality Study Community Panel, the EPA and Council obtained permits and approval in early January 2020.

The six monitors have now been installed at the locations selected by the community panel (see previous news items for details).

The monitors will start streaming air quality data on the EPA website as soon as they are live. The EPA will provide information on what data is being collected and show results in relation to air quality. Examples of how the information will be presented can be seen via this link to air quality monitoring of other sites around Adelaide and a link will soon be available on this site at the top right hand corner.

The Victoria Road Air Quality Study Community Panel will reconvene within a month of the monitors going live to discuss the results as they emerge. Please contact us if you have any questions for the panel or would like to share any comments or ideas:

ph: (08) 8204 2176