Air quality and dust during construction

During the planning phase of the T2D project, the EPA is considering potential air quality impacts from activities that occur before, during and after road construction. There is substantial evidence that air pollution does have adverse effects on our health and consequently any improvement in air quality will result in improved health outcomes.

Air quality after construction is being considered at the design stage, so that traffic and emissions modelling informs the design and reasonable and practicable measures are taken to prevent or minimise any adverse air quality impacts. This includes ventilation requirements within the tunnels and the safe discharge of tunnel-ventilation emissions.

During demolition and construction activities, the EPA expects contractors to implement all appropriate measures to minimise any impact on air quality, including dust suppression, consideration of meteorological conditions for certain earth-moving activities and to implement all necessary controls to restrict and control the dust.

All work will need to meet the legislative criteria specified within the EPA's Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 2016 and the General Environmental Duty requirements in section 25 of the Environment Protection Act 1993.

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Further information on evaluation distances for air quality and noise management, assessment and emission testing methodology is available from EPA website.

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