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On 7 December 2018, the EPA wrote to residents in portions of Hallett Cove and the Lonsdale industrial precinct to advise that it was commencing a dust study in the area. We invited residents to contact us and to be involved in a collaborative study to determine the location of dust monitors to be placed in the community.

Click on 'MAKE AN ONLINE DUST REPORT' below to make a live dust incident report on our interactive community map.

On 7 December 2018, the EPA wrote to residents in portions of Hallett Cove and the Lonsdale industrial precinct to advise that it was commencing a dust study in the area. We invited residents to contact us and to be involved in a collaborative study to determine the location of dust monitors to be placed in the community.

Click on 'MAKE AN ONLINE DUST REPORT' below to make a live dust incident report on our interactive community map.

Consultation has concluded
  • Study findings published

    28 Oct 2020
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    On 20 October 2020, the EPA hosted a community workshop to discuss the findings of the 12 month study, with Dr Pushan Shah explaining the predominant sources of dust during this period. Dr Monika Nitschke from SA Health presented a health analysis of the data that the study had obtained, and Jim Fairweather from ResourceCo presented on the work it has done to progress landscaping improvements and dust mitigation measures at that site. Please see the document library to view the presentations.

  • Dust study update & Cleanaway application

    24 Apr 2020
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    Recent dust sightings

    The EPA continues to monitor the data from our dust monitors and anemometres, and thanks to a heads up from some community members was able to do an unannounced inspection of the work being undertaken on the Meyer Road bridge. On 26 March 2020 dust was observed coming from activities that could have been suppressed if dust control measures were in place. We informed the Principal Environmental Advisor at the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, who advised he would follow this up with the workers involved. Please do continue to keep us informed.

    Cleanaway application to add an activity to it's licence

    Cleanaway on Liston Rd Lonsdale has applied to add 'waste reprocessing' to its EPA licence #50318, to allow it to crush and sort the inert construction and demolition material it already receives. In 2000 this site was approved to receive and crush concrete as part of the development approval, but when Cleanaway took over the site this wasn't transferred to the licence.

    As part of this process, Cleanaway is updating its Environment Management Plan to cover aspects such as dust. If approval is granted they will also be required by licence condition to produce and have approved a Recovered Products Plan. This will include the methodology, testing, and environmental controls for material produced specifically relating to this process. Compliance can then strictly be in accordance with an approved method for crushing and sorting.

    Green and organic waste processing is currently the main activity at this site, so it is likely that crushing of concrete would be infrequent. If you have any questions, or would like to make a submission to be taken into consideration, please don't hesitate to contact us on 08 8204 2004 or email engage.epa@sa.gov.au. Formal submissions closed 5pm Tuesday, 12 May 2020.

  • Community intelligence a vital component of this study

    13 Mar 2020
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    The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has been regularly monitoring meteorological conditions and proactively visiting Lonsdale and Hallett Cove to conduct visual inspections.

    Recent dates include 11 December 2019, 14 January, 16 January, 4 February and 27 February 2020. These visits were based on predicted weather conditions and a possibility of dust lift-off from the ResourceCo site. On each occasion, although the conditions were conducive to dust generation there was no observed dust lift-off. Drag out on Meyer Road was also checked on these dates. We are also remotely monitoring the data on a daily basis.

    We will be holding another community working group when we have more information to provide you about the study, and will include a presentation on the recent bushfires and the impact on air quality.

    If you witness a dust coming in the area please drop a pin using the 'make an online dust report' mapping tool on this site, email us the details at engage.epa@sa.gov.au or please call us on 08 8204 2004 either during or after hours.

  • Merry Christmas - latest presentation, community photo & video gallery now live

    20 Dec 2019
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    The EPA's Lonsdale and Hallett Cove dust study team wishes you a very Merry Christmas and thanks you for your participation over the last six months.

    Please see the following new items on the engage.epa.sa.gov.au website:

    As we head into a very dry summer, the EPA would like to encourage you to please keep sending your photos and videos through to engage.epa@sa.gov.au and drop pins on our ‘MAKE AN ONLINE DUST REPORT’ with the specific information such as the date, time and location.

  • Community workshop #4 and weekly look ahead

    10 Dec 2019
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    The next community workshop is being held:

    Wednesday 11 December 2019, 6–8 pm

    The Cove Civic Centre

    Ragamuffin Drive, Hallett Cove

    We will present the findings from the monitoring network so far, the online dust reporting tool and welcome back special guest Dr Monika Nitschke, who will be available to answer questions on dust and your health.

    At our weekly look-ahead meeting this week, we identified that the dust monitor on Freebairn Drive had stopped providing data which was likely due to a power black-out on Friday night. We visited the monitor on Monday and reset the device, which is now working properly. Meteorological conditions indicate that Tuesday afternoon and evening is likely to be dusty and windy, and we will undertake a proactive site visit to monitor conditions. The rest of the week looks relatively mild.
  • Weekly look-ahead meetings

    22 Nov 2019
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    The EPA's dust study team commenced weekly meetings on 28 October 2019, to look at the weather conditions for the week ahead to plan pro-active site visits.

    As the result of a pin being dropped on Meyer Road by a member of the public on 8 November, EPA staff visited to investigate the complaint which stated that the “Road is full of dirt which will get blown around”.

    At the time of the inspection, there was only a small amount of dry residue in the gutter and ResourceCo’s street sweeper had been mobilised in accordance with EPA requirements.

    This was a great opportunity for the EPA to investigate a sighting of potential dust before it became an issue, and the EPA encourages community members to continue to report perpetrators and potential sources of dust lift off.

    If you witness dust coming from a specific site or location, please submit the details and send it in as soon as possible after the event.

  • Dust reporting tool goes online

    08 Nov 2019
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    The EPA has letterbox dropped residents in Hallett Cove and Lonsdale, to encourage the reporting of dust incidents at the time of their occurrence. Dust incidents can be reported using our new online dust reporting tool, or by requesting a hard copy form to complete and fill out.

    Community input is a vital component of this study. To make a report, please record everything that you can remember about the event including: date and time, the exact location, and other observations such as weather conditions. Where possible, photographic and video evidence can be provided and are valuable especially from different angles. Please ensure date and times are accurate on your device. This information will complement proactive site visits by EPA staff, and the information provided by the live data being produced by community based dust monitors installed on 15 August 2019.

    The next community workshop will be held on Wednesday 11 December 2019, and existing and new members are welcome to attend (further information to come). A ‘HOW TO’ GUIDE, and all previous community updates and workshop presentations is available from our 'Document Library'.

  • Real-time data and latest workshop presentation now available

    03 Oct 2019
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    We are pleased to announce that the air quality data is now live, and available from this website (please see 'Important links').

    EPA staff will be monitoring the data and measuring it against local and regional dust events. If you have a question, please consider posting it to the Q & A page, so that it can be shared with the community.

    The 3rd community workshop featured a presentation on how to interpret the data, and participants were asked whether or not the layout was community friendly and easy to understand. As a result, some tweaks to the dashboard presentation has been made.

    To see a copy of the presentation, please see the 'Document Library'.

    The next community workshop will feature an analysis of the data captured to date, and is currently being planned to be held at the end of this month.

  • Community workshop #2

    13 Aug 2019
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    The 2nd community workshop was held on 29 July 2019. Many thanks to Dr Monika Nitschke from SA Health for attending and answering residents' questions about dust and their health. Please see the 'Document Library' for a copy of the presentation.

    After the installation of the dust monitors, and the publishing of the real-time data to the website, the EPA is planning on holding its 3rd community workshop during September.

  • We need your help!

    15 Jul 2019
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    The EPA is seeking volunteers willing to host a dust monitor at their home.

    The monitor needs access to a power supply (EPA to reimburse costs), and may be in place for up to 12 months. We will work with you to minimise any impacts, only requiring access to the monitor at a small number of mutually convenient times.

    At our first community workshop, participants suggested locations based on their lived experience. The EPA then investigated the suitability of locations based on their topography and proximity to the Lonsdale industrial precinct.

    As a result, we have identified three main focus areas in the proximity of:

    1. Freebairn Drive
    2. River Parade and Osprey Court
    3. Elizabeth Crescent
    4. A control location in the Lonsdale industrial precinct.

    If you are in locations 2 and 3 and you have a spot in your yard that is away from pets and small children, and you are willing to host a dust monitor, we would be very grateful if you could contact us at your earliest convenience.